A Genius New Product Lets You Drink Red Wine While Protecting Your Teeth

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Red wine. The one alcoholic drink you can really feel good about drinking, because hey, it’s good for your health!

All the health benefits of red wine aside, there is that one downfall: dingy, red-tinged teeth.

Thankfully someone who was sick of suffering from the same problem came up with a genius product as a solution.

A Genius New Product Lets You Drink Red Wine While Protecting Your Teeth
Wino Sippers

Let us introduce you to Wino Sippers, wine glasses crafted with built-in straws that stem from the bottom of the glass (so you’ll be sure to get every last drop while protecting your teeth from that direct hit of stain-inducing wine). Sure, you could always pop a bendy straw in your wine glass, but this solution is much classier.

Plus, the Wino Sipper glass features a three-point base, making it a tad sturdier than your average stemware. (Your carpet will thank you for this feature.)

According to the Wino Sipper’s website, each glass can hold up to five ounces, and the glasses are sold in a pack of two because naturally, “Winos stick together.”

You can get these gems on Amazon for $26.99 for a pair, plus free shipping.

Want to see the glasses in action? We thought so. Here’s a fun video explaining just how brilliant the Wino Sippers really are.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/ZeaTctB3Wlw?rel=0″/]

So let’s raise a glass or two to Wino Sippers, which will no doubt help us enjoy our favorite antioxidant-rich beverage in style.

Pair these with this “Brita” for red wine that’s meant to help reduce the risk of a hangover, and you’ll be all set. And, in case you need any more motivation to pour yourself a glass, there’s research that shows drinking red wine can help you lose weight.