These Awesome Beach Houses Are Made From Shipping Containers

After living in a beach-side community and watching tree after tree being taken down to build larger beach houses, two women from Carolina Beach, South Carolina had had enough.

They decided that they would lead by example and built two shipping container homes just a couple blocks from the beach. According to Apartment Therapy, they were trying to show that it is in fact simple to live more simply.

Apartment Therapy

The tiny house movement is not a new one but has been expanding over the past several years. It is all about minimizing. You shrink not only the size of your home but the amount of stuff that you own. This decreases your impact on the environment and is also supposed to eliminate some of the stress that “stuff” can bring.

These shipping container homes will give you about 320 square feet to fill. The two homes boast mahogany floors, one bedroom, a living room and a surprisingly large bathroom. Not to mention a couple decks to add some outdoor living space. You’re going to want it!

Apartment Therapy

Still not sure your ready to move into a small space? There is always the option to rent one out for a night or two. You may find you have a greater appreciation for all the comforts of home or maybe you will come home with a long list of things you don’t need. Either way, it will be an experience you will not soon forget.

Apartment Therapy

By the way, not all shipping container home owners are this minimalist. These home owners added square footage by adding on more containers. Check out these other amazing shipping container homes.