4 Awesome And Creative Ways To Reuse Your Wine Corks

Wine lovers are crazy about surrounding themselves with wine-inspired products. Whether it’s a super chic wine bottle chandelier (for the more experience crafter) or a simple wine bottle vase (for the lazy crafter—no shame!), reusing the parts of your old wine bottles is super simple and really great for the environment. Unfortunately, though, people often forget one part of the bottle that is way more useful than it looks — the cork. Though it be but little, it is fiercely useful!

Here are four easy ways to reuse wine corks that will help your organization or add something unique to your kitchen. Pro tip for some of these projects: If you don’t want to save up wine corks for months on end or figure out how you’re going to drink 50 bottles of wine in a short amount of time (just don’t do it), then visit a local restaurant that serves wine and ask for their corks.

1. Turn A Cork Into An Earbud Holder


You’ll no longer have to spend five minutes untangling your earbuds with this nifty idea, courtesy of Lifehacker. Poke a small hole in one end of the cork to push the jack into, and then cut a triangle shaped slot into the other end of the cork to push your earbuds into. Place the jack into the whole you’ve created, wrap the cord around the cork, and hook the end of the earbuds’ cord into the slot at the other end. Now you have a compact, easy way to store your headphones without spending an extra dime.

2. Create A Wine Cork Bath Mat


Oh, yes. Just when you thought you couldn’t become any more of a wine lover, now you can step out of the shower onto something wine-inspired. The mat is actually surprisingly easy to make. All you need is a shelf liner, a hot glue gun, and 175 wine corks. What? You don’t have 175 wine corks? Better start saving them up! Find the detailed tutorial at Crafty Nest.

3. Try Your Hand At A Wine Cork Kitchen Backsplash


This is for someone who has a lot of time on their hands and wants a new project, but more power to you. In order to make this project happen you might have to save wine corks up for six months or more—depending on whether you throw a holiday party, of course. But wine cork backsplashes, once accomplished, look sophisticated, worldly, and exceptionally beautiful. There’s even a detailed tutorial at Create.Craft.Love. that provides an equation to help you figure out how many corks you need. May the cork be with you!

4. Make An Easy Cork Hot Pot Holder


Because, often, we wine lovers are also big cooks. And those who don’t really like to cook at least like to watch cooks and drink wine. Therefore, we are like honorary cooks and should have useful cooking gear… right?

Anyways, these cool hot pot holders only use wine corks, a picture frame, four felt tabs, and a hot glue gun. you can make them in any size that a picture frame is available in, and you can even install a hook at the top so that you can hang them on the wall to double as a decoration when they’re not in use. #Winning. Find a tutorial at Home Stories A to Z.

Images: timwikander/Instructables.com; Crafty Nest; Create.Craft.LoveHome Stories A to Z

Photo by Jeric Santiago