30 Awesome And Easy Last Minute Gifts That Your Party Host Will Love

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The holidays are coming very soon, meaning family and friends will be spending extra time together. But where at?

There always has to be one person in the group who graciously takes on the burden of inviting everybody over to his or her house. This host or hostess spends hours cleaning, cooking and prepping everything just right to make sure that everybody else has a good time.

Repay them with one of these easy gifts that will have them offering to host every year. Get these in advance for the New Years Eve party, or if you’re like me and are still shopping last-minute for Christmas, then I have two words for you: Rush shipping.

1. Utter Nonsense

Give the party host a break from her stress with this card game that combines funny accents and phrases together for guaranteed fun and laughs.


Utter Nonsense, $43.21

2. Home Sweet Home Mug Toppers

These tiny mug topping cookies are almost too cute to eat.


Home Sweet Home Mug Toppers, $10

3. Holiday Soap & Dish

In addition to being all-natural, Hand in Hand donates one bar of soap and provides one month of clean water to aid a child in need for every purchase.


Hand in Hand Holiday Soap and Dish, $20

4. Wine Tool Set

This bottle-shaped wine tool holder includes an opener, foil cutter, pour spout and bottle stopper.


Wine Tool Set, $16.99

5. Knock Knock Bathroom Guest Book

This fun and unique guest book goes in your bathroom for guests to sign when they have to go. This is way more than just writing a name, though – each guest is prompted to draw a doodle, make a bar graph and express their deepest thoughts in a funny and convenient manner.


Knock Knock Bathroom Guest Book, $12.52

6. Dark Chocolate Liqueurs Gift Box

These bottles capture the fun of both chocolate in liqueur, coming with 64 bottles. With everything from vodka to whiskey, there is guaranteed to be something for everybody’s taste buds.


Anthon Berg Dark Chocolate Spirits, $25.17

7. Metallic Wine Glass Pens

Have everybody write their names on their wine glasses with these pens to never get your drinks mixed up again. The ink can be applied to any glass (wine glass, windows, mason jars, etc.) and it washes off easily with warm water.


Name It Marker Metallic Wine Glass Pens, $10.95

8. Holiday Sweater Beer Holder

This is possibly the most festive accessory for a 6-pack of beer you’ll ever come across. Dressed in ugly Christmas sweater attire, it also includes a greeting card option to make giving beer as personalized as possible.


Beer Greetings – Holiday Sweater, $13.95

9. Kona Hawaiian Coffee Sampler Set

If the host/hostess for your party is a coffee lover, than this gift is perfect. It includes three 2-ounce packages of coffee, to brew up to 36 cups.


Kona Hawaiian Coffee Sampler Gift Set, $28

10. Burt’s Bees Tips And Toes Kit

You may know of Burt Bee’s from their chapstick, but they also create products such as foot cream, hand cream and soap, which are all conveniently included within this gift box.


Burt’s Bees Tips And Toes Kit, $18.73

11. Wine Tasting Game And Kit

This DIY wine tasting kit teaches you how to conduct an at-home wine tasting in a fun and easy way.


All You Need Is Wine Game, $29.99

12. Bartending Glasses

Learn how to make your favorite cocktails with these glasses that have the recipe right on them.


Kikkerland Bartending Glasses, $16.70

13. AromaFork Flavor Enhancing Kit

Your taste buds may recognize only five primary tastes, but this kit allows for your nose to pick up on the subtle flavors within the aroma. Just place the oil essence on the fork’s scent pad, lift the fork into your mouth, and your mind is tricked into tasting the extra scent.


AromaFork Flavor Enhancing Kit, $35

14. Floral Tea Tube Sets

Give your host the gift of tea from around the world this year. Each tube has enough tea for a 6 to 8-cup pot, so hopefully they’re share.


Palais des Thés Tea Set, $29.99

15. Chalkboard Table Runner Set

If there are kids to entertain at the holiday parties this year, this chalk table set will be perfect for them. You can sit in peace while they color. You could also use this as a decorative center piece, or even cut it into placemats.


Jaq Jaq Bird Chalk Board Table Runner, $36.99

16. Heart 4-Piece Cheese And Wine Set

This cute heart, made of bamboo, contains a swivel-designed opening that features wine and cheese sets inside. (Bottle opener, bottle stopper, cheese knife.)


4-Piece Cheese And Wine Set, $31.98

17. Cooking Guidelines Apron

Give this apron to your host and they’ll never again forget how long to cook eggs or veggies again. With the text written upside down, it’s easier than ever for them to just look down and get some handy cooking tips.


Cooking Guide Apron, $20.43

18. Upcycled Wine Bottle Serving Dish

This dish features a recycled wine bottle that has been flattened for a classy serving platter, and it even includes a spoon.


Recycled Wine Bottle Serving Dish With Spoon, $39.50

19. TableTopics Dinner Conversation Cards

This gift includes 135 conversation-starting questions to ask everybody at your party. As a more adult-based game, these fun questions are guaranteed to spice up the conversation.


TableTopics Not Your Mom’s Dinner Party, $25

20. XL Wine Glass

This wine glass fits an entire bottle of wine. Enough said.


DCI XL Wine Glass, $9.99

21. The Snacking Dead Parody Cookbook

This ‘The Walking Dead’ cookbook is a zombie-themed guide for every meal. Each page alternates between a gut-wrenching zombie story featuring characters from AMC’s hit show and an original recipe. From kale chips to popcorn, this book is horrifyingly great.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 12.35.25 PM

The Snacking Dead: A Parody In A Cookbook, $15.98

22. Dress For Dinner Paper Napkins

Place one of these fun napkins over your shirt during dinner and you’ll be able to prevent your shirt from getting anything on it while looking like anything from a vacation tourist to James Bond.


Dress for Dinner Paper Napkins, $8.99

23. Jelly Instilled With Spirits

These flavored jellies, instilled with spirits such as bourbon and vodka will make your sandwiches even better than they already were.


Rose City Pepperheads Jelly, $17.99

24. 2016 Desk Calendar

This compact desk calendar would be the perfect decorating addition to every room.


Faux Designs Desk Calendar 2016, $19.95

25. Relaxing Massage And Lotion Candles

Light one of these handmade candles, let it form wax for a few minutes and apply it to your skin as a lotion. The candle is designed to burn at a low temperature, so yes, it’s safe.


Relaxing Massage and Lotion Candles, $2.95

26. Treat Yo Self

Whether your host is a Parks and Rec fan or not, anybody would appreciate this coffee mug with the sassy “Treat Yo Self” message.


Treat Yo Self mug, $14.95

27. Plush Throw Blanket

Any host would appreciate the gift of comfort, and nobody can own too many blankets. Plus, it’s reversible.


Luxury Plush Throw Blanket, $24.99

28. Wood Coaster Set And Holder

This classy set of coasters comes with a matching holder, making it the perfect accessory for a house party.


SouvNear Wood Coaster Set and Holder, $9.99

29. Holiday Recipe Cards

Transfer all your own recipes onto these cards, or have your guests give out their favorite recipes. Either way, keep them all organized with these double-sided cards.


Pinecone Holiday Recipe Cards, $10.25

30. Tear-Out Placemats

Now you can find the right placemat for any occasion with this book of 25 tearable placemats.


25 Tear-Out Placemats, $20.50