A New Law Will Make Airlines Refund Baggage Fees If Your Luggage Is Delayed

This would help make travel a little less frustrating.

While jet-setting to far-off destinations may seem glamorous, it’s really only spending time at your end location that’s the fun part, right? I mean, we would all forgo the airport experience if we could somehow magically blink our eyes and wind up wherever we wanted to be, wouldn’t we?

The worst part of traveling is not the kid that keeps kicking the seat behind you—oh no. It’s when the airline loses your luggage. You know, after you paid a (rather outlandish) fee to check your bag in the first place.

baggage 2

Thankfully, a new rule was just signed into law this month which states you will be refunded your checked bag fee back if airlines cannot deliver your luggage in a timely fashion. Within 12 hours for domestic flights and 15 hours for international flights, according to Consumerist.

To claim the refund, all you’ll have to do is notify the airline of the delayed baggage. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, some airlines, such as Delta, already practice a similar policy. For those airlines, if your luggage is actually lost and not just delayed, you’re entitled to a larger compensation.

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But, this new law will require all airlines to fall in line with the delayed bag refund mandate. It has one year to take effect.

By this time next year, if your bag is delayed you will definitely be able to get your money back. But still, fingers crossed you won’t have to deal with that. May only smooth and safe travels be in your future!

[h/t: Consumerist]