8 Other Awesome Things You Can Stream On Spotify (Besides Music)

Spotify is known for helping music-lovers around the globe listen to a wide range of artists, songs and albums. Their website boasts that they offer millions of songs to stream.

But there’s way more to the streaming company than music. Here’s 8 things you can stream on Spotify besides music that you (probably) didn’t know you could. Horizons, expanded.

1. Language Lessons

Before you invest in Rosetta Stone, it’s worth it to peruse through Spotify’s free playlists that can help improve your skills in a range of languages, such as (but not limited to):

2. Political and Historical Speeches

This playlist includes famous clips of speeches from notable figures in history such as (but not limited to):

3. Audiobooks

If you prefer to listen to your books over reading them, this playlist is for you. It gives a modern twist to books on tape but still includes the classics such as (but not limited to):

4. Meditation Music

Get in the zen zone with this playlist of calming, peaceful music. Choose your preference in instrumentals, as the songs include (but are not limited to):

4. Stand-Up Comedy

Spotify offers a wide range of stand-up comedy albums, including some new releases and the classics (but are not limited to):

5. Self-Help Guides

Some other Spotify gems include self-help guides on a range of topics, including (but not limited to):

6. Radio Dramas

Take your listening back to a time before there was TV with some radio dramas, including (but not limited to):

6. Poetry

Listen to some classic poems, including (but not limited to):

7. Short Stories

Spotify also offers an array of short stories, such as (but not limited to):

8. NASA Missions

Immerse yourself into space with recordings from various NASA missions, including (but not limited to):

Photo by internetsense