11 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts For Fitness Lovers

Most people like to give their special someone chocolates or a necklace for Valentine’s day. But if your significant other is someone who would rather spend their time hiking the trails or hitting the gym, those gifts probably aren’t going to cut it. It can seem more challenging to shop for your when they’re biggest passion is staying in shape, but luckily, you don’t have to look very far.

There’s no better way to say romance than to support your partner’s passion, so why not stick to a gift they love? We’ve gathered a list of the top eleven Valentine’s Day gifts for fitness lovers, so you can have a much easier time shopping for the perfect present.

1. Red FitBit

What fitness lover doesn’t want a FitBit, and you can get one in red to celebrate the spirit of the holiday. This removable device tracks your activity and sleep habits, and it can wirelessly sync to your cellphone or computer.



Fit Bit, $99.95

2. Pastel Lilac Skateboard


This lilac skateboard is perfect for Valentine’s day, with its soft, festive colors. Whether it’s for a male or female, this skateboard will have your significant other not only looking cool, but getting up on their feet in no time.

Penny Skateboards, $109.99

3. Carrot Spice Protein Pancake Mix

Hoping to make some breakfast in bed? How about a plate of protein pancakes? Each serving contains 20 grams of protein, so there’s no reason your partner has to feel guilty indulging in a Valentine’s meal after their morning run.


FlapJacked, $8.99

4. Under Armour Stretch Heart Underwear

Who says workout wear can’t be sexy? Gift your special lady this pair of heart underwear made with fabric to keep her cool and sweat-free when she’s exercising. It’s stretchy for optimal mobility, and it’s covered in little hearts that will show her how much you care.


UA Pure Stretch – Cheeky, $12

5. Partner Yoga Mat

Take your relationship level up a notch with a large 6-foot mat to practice yoga together. This mat is perfect for for partner yoga as well as acro yoga, and no one will have to worry about not having enough space on the mat.


Yoga Direct 6-Feet Square Yoga Mat, $52.46

6. Weekend Fitness Retreat

Most couples enjoy a weekend getaway, but this doesn’t mean you have to sit around on the beach. Plenty of places offer active vacations, from surf weekends to skiing to hiking spas.

Enjoy each other’s company while pushing yourself to your limits in a place where you can enjoy the landscape when you unwind at the end of the day.

hiking photo

7. Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

No one likes to get tangled in headphone wires when they’re biking or running, but who can stick to an intense workout without some motivating music? These wireless headphones solve that problem, and your partner will sure be happy they won’t have to splurge on another pair of earbuds themselves.


Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, $59.95

8. Bkr Heart Water Bottle

Most people don’t think of water bottles as romantic, but this Bkr heart version is perfect to show your girl how much you care. Every fitness buff knows the importance of hydrating, so why not give her something that makes drinking water more exciting?


Bkr Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Slevee, $35

9. Tandem Bike Ride

If you’re looking to do an activity on Valentine’s Day, why not try a tandem bike ride? Bike rentals exist per the hour, what what better way to spend quality time together than on an outdoor ride working on your fitness together?

tandem bike photo
Photo by blmurch

10. A 1 Hour Massage

If your honey has been working out so much, they’re probably due for a massage! Treat them to an hour massage, and they’ll be sure to be extra relaxed just in time for dinner. Their muscles will thank you.

massage photo

Massage Envy Valentine’s Special, $75 for 1 hour

11. A Garmin Vivoactive Watch

This watch is awesome.Christina has one and she swears by it. Why? It’s fully waterproof, the battery lasts longer than an Apple Watch (up to 2 weeks, based on your activity level) and can track things like running and walking (inside on a treadmill or outside), swimming (it counts your laps), golfing, and a handful of other things.

You can get messages, answer your phone, and check the weather too via bluetooth connection. The band comes in white or black and you can add on a heart rate monitor too.


Garmin Vivoactive Watch, $189.99

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