These adorable photos of newborns dressed as ‘Christmas Vacation’ characters are going viral

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Try to name something cuter than babies and the holidays. That’s a pretty high bar to reach. But photographer Amy Haehl has found a way to bring the best of both of these worlds together into photos that even 1,000 words couldn’t adequately describe!

Haehl, who is the owner of Indiana-based Coffee Creek Studio, loves to create photo collections based on classic holiday movies. She dresses tiny babies as characters from these favorite films. For the 2019 holiday season, Haehl decided to pay tribute to 1989’s “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” — and the results will bring just as many smiles and laughs as the Griswolds’ antics.

This image from @coffeecreekstudio re-creates a scene in which Clark Griswold daydreams about his new pool, complete with a visit from a cute lingerie counter girl.

The details in these photos show the labor of love Haehl took in recreating scenes from the movie. After all, you can’t celebrate a “fun, old-fashioned family Christmas” (as Clark calls it) without eggnog in the glass moose mugs, right?

These two little angels (played by the same baby) are all cuddled up and waiting for Santa after a tiring night of the cat getting into the Christmas lights and other holiday disasters!

The funniest photo, though, has to be the one with little Cousin Eddie. The baby has rolled up in the mobile home and with his trusty dog Snot. He’s even wearing the white robe and is curled up on a “sewage pipe.” He looks to be right at home, ready to make merry with his in-laws for the holidays!

Haehl specializes in family and newborn photography throughout the year but plans these themed shoots for months before the big day, with help from other vendors for clothing and props. Last year, she used “A Christmas Story” as her theme.

“The planning of these photos has taken well over a year and I’m SO excited to finally release them to all of you!” she wrote on her Instagram page. “I love having a good laugh and love sharing the laughter with all of you. Figuring out all of the perfect little details and pulling this off has been quite an exhausting process and all I can say is … ‘Hallelujah! Holy Sh*t! Where’s the Tylenol?’ – Clark Grizwold.”

As far as we’re concerned, these were definitely worth all her hard work. We can’t wait to take some inspiration to our own holiday photos!

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