Here’s the incredible backstory behind this baby holding an IUD

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The intrauterine device (IUD) continues to grow in popularity among women who want to prevent pregnancy.

However, as with all forms of contraception, nothing is ever 100 percent certain. Don’t believe me? Well, check out this picture for proof:

Yep. That’s a newborn baby clutching onto an IUD — a Mirena to be exact. The “Mirena” baby is named Dexter and he was born on April 27.

He is the fourth child for mother Lucy Hellein. Hellein had the Mirena inserted, only to find out she was pregnant three weeks after the placement of the contraceptive device.

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However, it is possible that she was actually pregnant before the IUD got placed. As Planned Parenthood nurse practitioner Laura Ghasseminia says, “You have a better chance of winning the lotto” than getting pregnant while using an IUD.

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Did The Baby Really Come Out With The IUD?

For the record, no, the baby was not delivered actually clutching the IUD. It would not be physically possible for this to happen. The device couldn’t enter the amniotic sac where the baby lives while inside of his mama. Although the picture does have some people thinking that Dexter himself removed the IUD on his way out. Luckily, no, he did not… because that sounds pretty painful.

Instead, doctors removed the device from Hellein after discovering it during the C-section. They later placed it in Dexter’s little hand as a joke.

newborn IUD

Dexter is a healthy baby boy who was born at 9 pounds, 1 ounce. His mom calls him her “little Jedi” (he originally had a due date of May 4).

IUD Users Should Not Panic

If you have an Mirena or any other IUD brand, don’t panic. Less than one percent of women get pregnant while using Mirena, which makes it one of the most effective forms of birth control out there.

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Oh, and as for Dexter’s mom? Hellein decided to “close her baby factory,” undergoing tubal ligation surgery along with her C-section. So, if she gets pregnant again, it really would be a miracle!