Baby Bottle Nails Are The Newest Viral Nail Trend

The Moscow-based salon Nail Sunny is behind some of the wackiest nail trends to ever hit the internet. The Russian nail salon churns out some seriously strange and unique designs, such as these feet nails that are a pedicure-within-a-manicure. They also created colored-pencil nails, nails that look like molar teeth and comb nails.

You can see the molar nails here:

Now, they’re at it again — and the latest creation is just as bizarre and detailed as the rest. This one is even interactive. The salon created a style of manicure that will make your look like tiny baby bottles, and they’re even filled with a liquid that looks like milk or formula.

The nail salon posted a video to Instagram of the unique manicure, and it has since been viewed more than 700,000 times. It’s also gathered over 3,000 comments. Check out the strangely mesmerizing video below:

No one can deny that there’s a certain amount of skill and artistry involved in creating this manicure. But can you imagine actually rocking this look? It doesn’t seem like many of the salon’s followers can either.

Those who left comments on the Instagram post seem more than a bit divided in their thoughts on the style. While some have called the nails “disgusting,” others have dubbed them “just plain silly.”Many also questioned why you’d request this style. Perhaps for a baby shower, as one commenter joked?

Regardless of how you feel about the baby bottle-inspired manicure, it seems clear that babies are inspiring more and more nail art these days. Believe it or not, these aren’t the only baby-themed nails out there. It’s also becoming an increasingly common trend among pregnant women to get ultrasound nail art.

As you could probably guess, the trend involves painting replicas of your ultrasound photos on your nails. It’s unclear how or when this new fad began, but it can serve as a clever way to announce your pregnancy. Moms-to-be can simply show off their digits when strangers inquire about their bundle of joy on the way.

Check out one such example, as posted to Instagram by @salongrecreate. This expectant mom paired her ultrasound nail art with pale pink polish on every other nail.

Another example from @euro_nails_TX shows a regular purple manicure with just one accent nail featuring an ultrasound:

The level of detail is amazing! Plus, it would be fun to show your child the photos of your sonogram-inspired manicure one day too.

Would you ever consider getting one of these baby-themed manicures?