This baby elephant trying to get out of a river is all of us (video)

Mondays. Yes, it is a day of the week, but it is also a state of existence. For instance, I don’t know if this video was taken on a Monday, but I do know that this poor baby elephant is having a major case of the Mondays.

This baby elephant decided it wanted to take a dip in the river. But when she tried to get out, she was promptly run over by the struggle bus.

In a frighteningly accurate re-enactment of me on most weekends, the baby elephant, try as it may, is never quite able to make it up the slippery slope of the river. As you’ll see in the video, there are a few times where it looked like she almost had it.

But the baby elephant could never quite get over the hump as gravity, that cruel force of nature, was handily winning the early rounds of this match. At one point, the baby elephant takes a step back and, well, relieves herself possibly in the hopes of lightening the load.

She makes a valiant go of it again, but is met with failure once again. But just when it looked like this baby elephant was destined to spend the rest of her days in this tiny river, the elephant’s aunt came to the rescue. She was able to give her niece a boost and the ordeal was over.

The video has gone viral because, as The Dodo notes, we are all the baby elephant. Viewers compared the elephant’s struggles to everything from their finals to attempts to climb up a boat’s ladder.

Baby elephants are apparently very fond of getting stuck, because the Daily Mail and The Telegraph both have similar stories of elephants needing help from their elders.

So there is a lesson we can learn from our large, tusked friends. The next time you see someone struggling with the muddy bank in their life, be their Aunty Elephant and give them a boost.


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