Baby flamingo captivates with adorable video at Ohio zoo

Flamingo chick sits between parent's feet
Facebook/Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Who doesn’t love to gawk at adorable baby animals at the zoo? No one, that’s who. So the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is making sure its social media followers get a glimpse of its babies as soon as they arrive.

The latest cutie is a brand-new flamingo that hatched on June 26. The zoo promptly posted the event on Facebook. Watch as its mother gently nudges its chicklet to its feet while a little child coos, “Oh! He’s so little!”

A few days later, the zoo posted another photo. The caption reads: “It doesn’t get much cuter than a freshly hatched flamingo chick. The small white dot on the end of the chick’s beak is called the egg tooth. It helps the baby break out of their shell! It falls off a few days after hatching.”

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While the baby is a fuzzy gray color now, it will eventually turn pink like its mother. (The word flamingo comes from the Spanish/Portuguese word flamengo, which means “flame-colored.”) The feathers turn pink because of all the beta-carotene-rich algae in its diet.

This little chick is just one of many darling babies at the Cincinnati Zoo right now. The Facebook page is also full of posts about Juno the baby sloth. Watch this video, which is captioned, “Juno the baby sloth tries out some green beans. Baby sloths start sampling solid foods at just 10 days old.”

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And if you like apes, make sure to scroll down their feed to see posts about Kip, the white-cheeked gibbon. The zoo describes him as “a curious and silly 10-month-old white-cheeked gibbon. His family rejected him and he has since been adopted by sisters Skittles & M&M. He is so much fun to watch.”

And finally, yet another post about a father hippo named Tucker playing with his son Fritz garnered hundreds of grateful comments and a few photos from zoo-goers who caught the pair mugging for the camera together.

All together now: Aww!

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