This Adorable Baby Has A Full Head Of Hair—And People Can’t Get Over It

It’s not every day that you see a baby with an envious head of hair — but trust us when we say this baby has maybe the most luscious locks you will ever see.

Baby Chanco, as the baby is referred to on social media, has already amassed more than 100,000 followers on Instagram — and she’s not even a year old! Based on her Instagram bio, the little girl was born in December 2017. But you’d think she’d lived a full life based on the amount of hair on that head!

Thinking like a social media genius, Baby Chanco’s mom started an Instagram account, or “hair diary,” to document the many moods of her baby’s tresses back in May. This was the girl’s Instagram debut:

I’m officially jealous of an infant!

People can’t get over just how thick this baby’s hair already is, especially considering it’s not abnormal for kids to lose the hair they’re born with and experience a slow regrowth process, pediatrician Dr. David Geller wrote for the Baby Center. But, that’s apparently not the case for this baby girl. She’s got no problems with maintaining a full head of hair, and we predict the internet’s obsession with her mane won’t go away anytime soon.

“So beautiful and luscious,” one person commented on Instagram.

Hard to disagree. I mean, the baby’s hair is so long it can already be styled with a bow:

Just look at that floof:

The post-nap bedhead is also absolutely adorable:

How many babies can rock a faux-hawk? Baby Chanco could pull it off all day.

It’s a funny sight to see a thick head of hair sticking out of a baby carrier:

And check her out after bath time, when it’s all wet and slicked back:

I’m sure you were wondering if she’d already had a haircut. Her first time at the salon came at 6 months old!

“How is this even possible?” an Instagram user commented. Because seriously — these strands are impressive!

Some followers imagined that the baby got it from her mama. “Surely mom has beautiful hair,” one person noted on Instagram.

Whatever the case, there’s no denying this kid has beautiful hair and enough online fame to make us all jealous — and she’s not even a year old!