Baby kangaroo rescued in crocodile-infested flood waters in Australia

Queensland Police

Australia’s Queensland state has been under record-breaking flooding that has cut off access to some towns. The flooding has been so widespread it can be seen from space.

As rescue workers go out into the water and get to work ensuring people are safe, they also find animals in crisis.

Queensland police recorded video of one rescue where a tiny kangaroo joey was picked out of crocodile-infested flood waters.

Police in Australia have warned the public to be careful after authorities spotted large crocodiles in populated areas that were flooded.

The images of the baby kangaroo rescue were shared by Queensland Police and picked up by media around the world.

The kangaroo was named “Lucky” and was returned to dry land where it hopped away, hopefully to safety.

Police said it was a helicopter pilot who flew overhead and warned rescuers after seeing multiple large crocodiles nearby.

By Douglas Jones, Scripps News.

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