New ‘Baby Shark’ song makes hand-washing fun for kids

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water — “Baby Shark” returns!

This time, though, Pinkfong’s shark family has a very timely message: The catchy jingle has been reworked to include the steps to “wash your hands doo doo doo doo doo-doo.”

In a move that will delight preschoolers everywhere, the song is perfect for singing at the sink while scrubbing. First you “wash your hands,” then “grab some soap,” followed by “rub your hands” and “rinse your hands.” Finally, we “dry our hands” and we’re done!

By the way, I timed the first two verses and together they’re just a second or two shy of the recommended 20 seconds we should all be scrubbing our paws.

If you’re ready to return to “Baby Shark” mania, here’s the tune in full:

The song also includes a few other tips, like to cough into your elbow and to cover your sneeze. Important reminders for little folks (and, let’s be honest, some big folks, too).

Another fave among the preschool crowd, Daniel Tiger, has a hand-washing ditty, too.

In his version, Daniel imagines himself in a Super Mario Bros.-like video game, hopping around and zapping germs. He sings a song called “Germs Germs Go Away” to the tune of “Rain, Rain Go Away.”

If you sing the chorus of Daniel’s song two times through, that’ll put you at the 20-second mark. Give it a listen:

If you can’t possibly take any more “Baby Shark” or “Happy Birthday” singalongs, this could be a good addition to your health toolkit. Just like in the “Baby Shark” video, Daniel also advises his friends to be mindful of their coughs and sneezes.

Personally, I’ll sing whatever they want if my kids will just wash their hands thoroughly. Anything but “Dance Monkey” — after almost two weeks at home, I need some distance from that one!