There’s Now A ‘Baby Shark’ Valentine’s Day Song

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In 2015, Korean YouTube channel Pinkfong released the original “Baby Shark Dance,” a simple and sweet little ditty about a shark family. The video showcased little kids singing and dancing against a backdrop of under-the-sea animation and featured plenty of “doo-doo-doos.”

Despite the simplicity of the lyrics, the song was catchy as heck. While Pinkfong was already popular among YouTube users for its educational content for those 5 and under, “Baby Shark Dance” quickly became its most popular video. It hit YouTube’s list of the top 40 most-viewed videos of all time just last year and has millions of views, as seen below:

Parents, this may all be old news to you. In fact, your kids may have already grown out of their obsession with the song. Perhaps they’ve even just stopped listening to the “Baby Shark Dance” every five minutes, a development that has brought you sweet, sweet relief.

In which case, I’m sorry. Because the Baby Shark craze ain’t over yet.

In December, we posted about a Christmas version of the “Baby Shark” song. And now? You guessed it. Those affable little sharks are celebrating Valentine’s Day. Check out the latest holiday-themed tune of the baby shark phenomenon.

Wiggle in your seat to the familiar beat as these animated sharks bring each other flowers and candy and Valentine’s Day cards. We can’t help but admit that the way they’re celebrating their love for each other is kind of heartwarming — even though we’re now resigned to the fact that we will never get this song out of our heads.

As if this weren’t enough, there are also Baby Shark-official shark family plushies and song cubes available for purchase. They play the popular song when you squeeze them, which you won’t be able to resist doing because — honestly? — they’re legitimately adorable.


Have you and your family dodged this particular hit? Or do your kids love the “Baby Shark” songs to bits? Approximately how many times a day do they demand to hear the song?

Sorry, moms and dads. Resistance is futile.