This Baby Smashed Tacos Instead Of Cake For Her 1st Birthday, And The Results Are Muy Bueno

New trend for first birthday photo shoots?

Birthday cake smashing is quickly becoming the most anticipated part of a baby’s first birthday party.

But, as with all trends, people are always looking for ways to put their own unique spin on it. (Side note: This is a new tradition, right? I don’t remember cake-smashing in my younger days. My mom would never have baked a separate cake for a baby to smash, let alone happily cleaned up after such a mess.)

Well, here is a less messy and equally adorable option. Parents of little Stella decided to skip the cake smash, and instead they did a taco smash! Yep, how funny is that? I don’t know if Stella just really, really loves tacos or if her parents just didn’t want to deal with a baby on a insane sugar rush, but they opted for this hilarious option and the pictures are just to die for:

Look at her going to town! Don’t those tacos look amazing?

These photos are just hilarious! She is loving it. And the backdrop is perfect as well.

Since Stella’s party was going to be fiesta-themed, a taco smash photo shoot seemed like the perfect idea.

But, then again, when is a taco smash NOT a good idea?

Of course, there were a few naysayers. Some people mentioned that the hard shell would be too crunchy for a 1-year-old. So, if you want to do this idea yourself, but are worried about choking, why not try a soft taco or a corn tortilla? But, for what it’s worth, it definitely seems like Stella knows exactly what she is doing.

But really, the options are endless! I love the idea of smashing something other than cake, because let’s face it—wasting cake is absolutely criminal and not all kids like sweets and many have allergies that make cake a bad choice. So why not let them smash their favorite food instead? Sweet potatoes, avocados, black beans, spaghetti and meatballs—you name it.

Happy birthday, Stella! May your year be filled with tacos and love. And tacos.

[h/t: Pop Sugar]