Baby Yoda tree toppers popular this year

Baby Yoda has been a force to be reckoned with in 2020. The character known as the Child (before we learned his real name, Grogu, in season 2) took the world by storm when he debuted on the Disney+ Star Wars series “The Mandalorian.” Baby Yoda can now be found on everything from hot cocoa bombs and tiki mugs to Lego sets.

Now, with the holiday season upon us, fans of this adorable little guy are elevating Baby Yoda’s status even more by putting him on top of their Christmas trees.

TikTok user Elizabeth Round shared a video of her Baby Yoda tree topper reaching out for a floating round Christmas tree ornament — a scene immediately familiar to anyone who has seen him reach for his favorite toy, a joystick topped with a removable ball in the ship’s cockpit. Round’s video quickly went viral and has now drawn 1.3 million views:

@liketheshapeNew tree angel this year and his name shall be calleth… ##grogu ##HolidayVibes ##madalorian ##treetopper ##christmasdiy ##babyyoda♬ Baby Yoda – Song a Day

Round told BuzzFeed she was drawn to the Baby Yoda figure while doing some holiday shopping.

“I was in the toy aisle looking for Christmas presents and saw this perfectly scaled Grogu for a tree topper,” she said. “I had just decorated our tree that afternoon, and that night at dinner I made the family announcement that we had a new tree topper this year. My 10-year-old son was definitely on board, and my husband was the one who suggested we hover a small ornament near it as Grogu’s favorite part of the ship.”

The Round family wasn’t the only one inspired to top the Christmas tree with Baby Yoda. The trend can be found all over social media, with fabulous photos of the little guy standing tall on top of trees everywhere, and some have even copied Round’s floating ornament.

“Yes, Baby Yoda is also my tree topper as well,” wrote Twitter user Tyler V.

Twitter user @VintageKnits stitched a Baby Yoda as a gift for a friend and was inspired to share the tree-topping trend with her.

So cute!

Twitter user Nozzoe apparently didn’t realize Baby Yoda toppers were a trend when she placed him atop her tree. It’s great to be one of the cool kids, though.

Empress Magnificent on Twitter decided to let Baby Yoda share the top spot on the tree this year with another beloved creature: Kermit the Frog.

Lori Lane Rodriguez shared her creative way to put Baby Yoda on the treetop that shows a scene from season 2.

What do you think of this little guy taking over the star or angel’s place on the tree? Is he using some sort of Jedi mind trick or is it just his cuteness that is winning everyone over?

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