Former ‘Bachelorette’ Ali Fedotowsky Is Expecting Her Second Child

Former “Bachelorette” Ali Fedotowsky hasn’t been shy about her desire to grow her family. She’s opened up in interviews about wanting to have children who were close in age, and now she and her husband have gotten their wish! Fedotowsky is officially pregnant with baby number two.

She and husband Kevin Manno are already the parents to 16-month-old Molly, and just announced on Fedotowsky’s Instagram that their family is about to grow.

She posted a photo of her husband, her daughter and herself to announce the pregnancy. You can clearly see her baby bump, and her little girl is pointing up at it in the photo. The caption reads, “And just like that, life became a whole lot sweeter #BabyManno #May2018.”

It’s truly an adorable way to announce their little bundle of joy to the world.

She and her husband had a good reason to want children who are close in age.

“We would love to have two, two years apart because that’s what Kevin and his brother were and they are super, super close,” she told Us Weekly. “Kevin and his brother are best friends.”

But that doesn’t mean that the decision to have two children this close together was an easy one to make. She wrote on her personal website:

“If we were to get pregnant right now Molly and our second child would be 2 years apart (25 moths to be exact). Is that too close? Are we going to be losing our minds for that first year? Is 2 1/2 years better? Three years?”

Ali Fedotowsky photo
Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez

She posed these questions to the mom community, writing:

“When did you know you were ready for baby no. 2 and what age difference worked for you. Do you wish you had waited or had kids closer in age! Let’s discuss!”

Other moms chimed in, but the overall consensus seemed to be that parents are great at adapting to any age difference.

“I think the ‘perfect time’ is just when it happens, and like all mums you’ll just adapt and your family will establish their new normal,” one commenter wrote. “Most importantly ENJOY the trying process.”

It was Ali Fedotowsky’s hope that the process would be quick, and it was! She admitted to Us Weekly she and her husband were trying in July, and now in November, she’s got good news to share with the world.

Congratulations to the family!