A 4-Day Backstreet Boys Cruise Will Set Sail In May 2018

Listen up, Backstreet Boys fans. A cruise with the boy band is officially happening!

If your heart’s about to beat out of your chest right now—you’re certainly not alone. Backstreet Boys fans everywhere are freaking out, and for good reason.

Backstreet Boys Cruise 2018 is going to set sail next year, and you and all of your boy band-loving friends can be a part of it.

Wait. So, you could be on a boat with these band members? Yes, that’s exactly right. This isn’t the first time a cruise of this kind has left the dock, either, as the band’s hosted five previous cruises. And if you’ve never heard of this most wonderful vacation ever, well, it’s time to make up for lost time.

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The Backstreet Boys Cruise is a four-day affair out of Miami, Florida. It’ll take place from May 3-May 7, 2018. And yes, the Backstreet Boys will be onboard!

In fact, there are two performances a day and a chance to get a little more up-close and personal with each of the guys.

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“The best part about these cruises is we get to be more hands on and more accessible to our fans and that is something we really pride ourselves on,” AJ McLean told Refinery29. “We love our fans to the utmost. And without our fans we wouldn’t be here for over 24 years. It is three to four days of debauchery in the middle of the ocean.”


This band owes a lot to their fandom, and we owe a lot to them. They gifted us with songs like “I Want It That Way,” and so many more that spoke directly to our souls in the ’90s.

The most important piece of information: How do you book a ticket, like, now?! Well, according to the official website, pre-sale to previous cruisers and fan club members become available on April 25 at 12:00 p.m. ET. For everyone else, you can book as early as April 26 at 12:00 p.m. ET.

Make sure you’re ready at those exact times, too. Something tells me these spots will sell out quickly!