Backstreet Boys sing in incredible harmony with their new song ‘Breathe’—and it’s definitely worth a listen

The Backstreet Boys are back — and just as good as ever. That’s right. The hit boy band of the ’90s just released new music from an album that will be dropping soon — and listeners are thrilled to have them back. The song, “Breathe,” officially hit YouTube on Jan. 17 and has already earned over 500,000 listens.

This latest features lyrics about missing one’s true love. “Days all feel the same,” they sing. “Still numb from you / First step off of this plane, I knew / I suffocate without you.”

It’s clear that while the Backstreet Boys have been in and out of the spotlight for some time, they still know how to create the same love-centered songs we remember them for. “As Long As You Love Me” flashbacks, anyone?

Another thing that definitely hasn’t changed is how well the voices of Brian Littrell, AJ McLean, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson and Howie Dorough all meld together. Listen to the song for yourself to see what I mean:

Once fans had a chance to listen to the latest music from the band, they couldn’t help but voice their opinions on social media. After listening, Twitter user @alexiiizz wrote, “I wanted to cry of happiness”:

People especially loved the a cappella nature of the song, saying it reminded them of classic Backstreet Boys days. Twitter user @saaaaai234 wrote, “I am blown away. A full a cappella song?? Brings me back to where it all started”:

Meanwhile, Twitter user @TophSox couldn’t help but point out that the vocals in “Breathe” were “breathtaking” — yes, “pun intended”:

If you’re loving this sample from the Backstreet Boys, we have a feeling you’ll want to listen to every second of their latest album, “DNA,” which becomes available to pre-order on Jan. 25.

The band members seem just as genuinely excited as their fans to be back to making music together again.

“‘DNA’ really is the ins and outs of what makes us the Backstreet Boys after 25 years,” Littrell said in a promotional video for the album. “The concept of ‘DNA’ is really ‘accepting who you are.’ You know, we’re all a different piece of this puzzle that makes up what we’ve become over the years.”

You can hear the band members talk more about the new album in the video below:

The world tour for the album kicks off in February. So make sure to check out their site if you’re interested in hearing their new music live!