This Guy Made An Awesome Snow Luge Track In His Backyard For Neighborhood Kids

We’re only a few weeks into winter, and it has already been a doozy. Many states have endured Arctic temperatures and feet upon feet of snow. Even Florida got some historic snowfall and temperatures cold enough to freeze lizards right out of their trees!

But one thing that’s good about this winter is that at least get to enjoy the Winter Olympics from the comfort of our homes. Even if you’re a winter sports superfan, there’s at least one guy in New York who’s probably just a little more pumped. Check out the video below as proof.

Cool Runnings

When life gives you snow, make a backyard luge track! At least that’s what Jay Venini did after multiple snowstorms left him with an abundance of snow in his Long Island backyard one winter. “I’m not really sure why, but I decided I could make a slide going down the stairs,” Venini told Newsday in 2014 of his inspired creation.

It took about a week for Venini and a friend to complete the course. They used shovels and water to assemble the snow and carve the track. He painted lines with Kool-Aid and installed LED lights for 24/7 racing. They even set up American flags so the participants felt like little Olympians!

His resulting “Looney Luge” was a hit with his nieces, nephews and neighborhood kids. They lined up to slip and slide through the course. Venini recorded their runs with his GoPro camera. Then, he created the video so we could all marvel in how awesome it was.

Jay Venini / YouTube

Make Your Own Luge Track

Even a simple backyard luge is quite the feat of engineering. If you’re up for a snowy challenge, Popular Mechanics shared detailed plans online for how you could transform your own backyard into an icy course. Or,  while you wait for the Winter Olympics to start, you could just stay warm and join in on this virtual snowball fight without leaving the warmth of your house.