These Bacon-Cheddar Hasselback Biscuit Bites Are Golden, Buttery and Easy to Make


Whether you’re preparing snacks for the Super Bowl or breakfast for the family, these bacon-cheddar Hasselback biscuit bites are going to be your new go-to recipe. These bites are versatile and can be eaten with really any meal at any time of the day — because who’s going to say no to bacon?

But the best part might be how easy they are to make. So, you might find yourself making excuses to bake a batch of these … and we can’t say we blame you. Midnight snack, anyone?

Bacon-cheddar Hasselback biscuit bites are exactly what you’d imagine them to be. Similar to Hassleback-style potatoes, they’re thinly sliced along the top to create tiny pockets for wedging things like bacon and cheddar cheese into.

Pillsbury’s recipe for these bites only calls for four ingredients. You’ll need a can of Grands buttermilk biscuits, bacon, cheddar cheese slices and butter.

To create the Hasselback effect, you’ll cut each biscuit into quarters. Then, make three cuts into each quarter, leaving the bottom side intact, as illustrated in this photo:


Then, you’ll put a little piece of bacon and cheese into each of the slices and pop these delicious, savory treats into the oven.


While they’re still hot, brush them with melted butter. The recipe suggests serving these with a side of ranch dressing, but you could also serve them alongside jam, a bowl of chili — the possibilities are practically endless.


And if you’re looking for more Hasselback-style foods you can serve up on game day or really anytime, you’ll want to check out these other recipes, too.

With this cheesy Hasselback sausage recipe, Fox Valley Foodie demonstrates that smoked sausage can be transformed when sliced and stuffed with Muenster cheese, pepperoncini and a mustard sauce. This beats mini-sausages as an appetizer any day!

Fox Valley Foodie

For an untraditional take on a classic jalapeño popper, you can also try this recipe for jalapeño popper stuffed zucchini from Delish, which calls for using Hasselback-style zucchini as a vessel for cream cheese, bacon, diced jalapeños and more.

This video from the Delish YouTube channel will show you how it’s done:

And last, but certainly not least, mix up your pizza game by serving up Hasselback pizza bread as an appetizer, to accompany a salad, alongside pasta or however you choose. This recipe comes from The Sugar Free Diva and can be achieved by using French or Italian bread to create pockets for holding marinara, pepperoni, cheese and more.

The Sugar Free Diva

When it comes to having fun with Hasselback-style foods, you’ve only just begun. From biscuits to pizza, you food might stuff all of your foods from now on. Enjoy!

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