A Bacon, Egg And Cheese Brunch Ring Is Perfect For Your Next Gathering

Move over, breakfast casseroles. Have several seats, breakfast burritos. There’s a new brunch hero in town, and it’s putting all other breakfast dishes to shame. We are talking about breakfast rings: the delectable, delicious way to bake all your favorite breakfast stars (eggs, bacon, sausage, veggies, you name it!) into just one dish.

Don’t be fooled by the Instagram-worthy design of these recipes. Breakfast rings are super easy to make. This Pillsbury recipe for a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Brunch Ring takes less than 30 minutes to prep, and then you can pop it in the oven and enjoy visiting with your guests while breakfast bakes. The secret time-saving ingredient is Crescent rolls, which you’ll fan out in a star shape to capture all of the goodness of bacon, eggs and red peppers, then fold the points in to form a ring.


Other cooks have caught on to how easy it is to use refrigerated rolls to make a stunning breakfast ring. Jo Cooks illustrates how simple the assembly is in her tutorial for making a Crescent Bacon Breakfast Ring and includes helpful tips for using a variety of ingredients. As she points out, there’s no reason not to swap in your preferred veggies.

Jo Cooks

Don’t trust your ability to mold the eggs into a ring shape on your own? No worries. You can also use a bundt pan to make a breakfast ring. In a recipe at The Neighborhood Moms, a bundt pan simplifies the assembly, and canned biscuit dough keeps the prep at a minimum, making brunch a breeze.

The Neighborhood Moms

If you have more time for this dish and love biscuits for breakfast, you might want to check out this recipe for Bundt Pan Bacon, Egg and Cheese Brunch Bread at Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen. Instead of using pre-made rolls, it calls for creating a biscuit mix out of self-rising flour and cream. You’ll then layer the bacon, eggs and biscuit mixture — along with plenty of cheese — into a bundt pan to shape it into a yummy brunch bread.

Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen

The beauty of these recipes is that you can easily modify them to suit your family’s tastes, such as by opting for more veggies like mushrooms and broccoli instead of meat, or by upping the spice level by including jalapeno peppers and crushed red pepper.