Low-Carb ‘Bacon And Eggers’ Are Such An Easy Breakfast

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Sometimes a weekend meal prep session can be easier said than done. It can be daunting to tackle a week’s worth of food at once — even if you know the payoff of a hassle-free week is waiting for you on the other side. Fortunately, this recipe is so simple that you’ll actually want to make a batch big enough to last you the entire week!

This breakfast-made-easy recipe for “bacon and eggers” — or a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich without the bread — comes via Meal Plan Addict. It’s a pretty simple process: hard-boiling eggs, cooking bacon and slicing cheese.

Boil the eggs until the yolks are firm. Then it’s time to peel and slice them down the middle. Place a small slice of cheese and half a slice of bacon in between each egg slice and secure with a toothpick.

Just like that, you will have successfully assembled a bread-free mini-breakfast sandwich. And the best part? You can easily enjoy these all week long!

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Since these are so quick to make and assemble, you can make them in large batches at a time when hosting brunches or supplying an appetizer to a baby shower.

If you are feeling inspired to make some breakfast options in bulk, this recipe for low-carb egg muffins from Low Carb Yum will be great to try next.

Start by cooking bacon, but removing it from the oven before it gets too crispy. From there, form bacon in a circle along the inside sections of a muffin tin. Whisk 12 eggs in a medium bowl and add grated cheddar cheese. Once combined, pour a little of the egg mixture into each of the muffin tin wells.

Bake until the eggs are set. Then remove them from the oven to reveal these easy-to-eat muffins. They’re perfect for grabbing on your way out of the door in the morning.

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If you’d rather make these in a baked-egg style rather than a frittata-like muffin, the recipe suggests adding one whole egg in each cup.

You can also swap out ingredients or throw in some additional ones based on your preference. If you prefer a cheese other than cheddar, feel free to try a different variety. You can also mix in vegetables like broccoli, spinach, mushrooms or asparagus to amp up the nutritional factor.

With these in your kitchen, your mornings will be more manageable and delicious — not to mention, protein-filled.

Will you try making one of these delicious egg and bacon breakfasts?

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