Bad Larry’s cold brew iced coffee plus alcohol hits the market

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Thanks to a new beverage that’s set to debut this summer, your morning cup of coffee may just become a little more exciting. Well, that’s if you’re looking for a coffee that contains double the caffeine of a normal cup of joe PLUS alcohol.

Yep, it’s here folks. You can now have coffee and a cocktail (kind of) at the same time. Meet: Bad Larry’s Cold Hard Brew.

Although mixing coffee with alcohol is nothing new, the drink did make history as it is the first alcoholic coffee beverage to be commercially sold.

According to the brand, the canned drink “[straddles] the line between coffee and beer.”

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Each 11.5-ounce can contains 6 percent ABV, which is on the higher end of average when it comes to alcohol content in beer. And with each can containing 180 milligrams of caffeine, you’ll be consuming almost as much caffeine as you would if you were to down Starbuck’s non-alcoholic grande Cold Brew.

The Wisconsin-based company behind the drink said that the locally-sourced cold brew is first steeped before it is infused with nitrogen. Then before canning the drink in a fun retro-inspired can, they add malt liquor.

Now that we have you wanting to dash to your nearest liquor or grocery store to pick up a batch of this delicious-sounding brew—here’s how to get your hands on some, according to a company representative:

It is currently sold throughout Western Wisconsin and Minnesota in most liquor stores and is also available at Total Wine in Arizona and Florida. Due to popular demand, [Bad Larry’s is] in the process of working on national distribution.

It looks like a four-pack will retail for $9.99, according to this post the brand shared on May 24:

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! $9.99 a 4 pack in your favorite liquor store, if it’s not in stock slam your fists on the counter and demand that they order some for you

While you wait for Bad Larry’s to come to your neck of the woods, you can always just spike your own coffee (you could try one of these ideas). If you’re looking to stay alert but want the flavor of alcohol in your cup of joe, try Jack Daniel’s Coffee, which gives you the flavor of Jack and coffee but without any trace of alcohol.

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Updated 6/20/2017 to include retail information.


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