Dream job alert: This resort will pay you to take care of their flamingos

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If you’ve ever dreamed of dropping everything and moving to a tropical island, now may be the time. Baha Mar, a new multi-billion dollar resort in the Bahamas, is staffing up and looking for a Chief Flamingo Officer. Yes, flamingo officer.

This unique role will care for a flock of flamingos living at the resort along with their Avian Curator. As flamingos are the national bird of the Bahamas, it is an important position.


What will caring for the long-legged pink beauties entail? The job posting on the Baha Mar website explained this role will manage the diet and habitat requirements of the birds, help sick or injured birds and oversee the breeding program.

That’s not all: The flamingo officer will also serve as a tour guide for guests and teach them about these unique-looking creatures and their tropical habitat.


This “CFO”‘s office sounds much better than your typical C-suite digs, as the birds will live in something called the “Flamingo Mansion.” Naturally, most of the flamingo officer’s time will be spent hanging out at the indoor/outdoor facility, which is a specially designed flamingo habitat.

The Flamingo Mansion is one of the habitats in the Baha Mar Ecological, Aquatic Conservation Habitat Sanctuary (BEACH Sanctuary), which seeks to preserve the local wildlife. So far, the Sanctuary is home to six green sea turtles, one hawksbill sea turtle, 10 southern stingrays, eight nurse sharks and more than 50 other varieties of reef fish, according to the resort.


Chief Flamingo Officer is no fluff job, though. Applicants must have a college degree in zoology and a minimum of five years of related work experience. (No, keeping a pet parakeet alive doesn’t cut it.) The resort is also looking for someone with superb interpersonal skills and a passion for hospitality. If this sounds like you, Baha Mar is accepting applications through the end of February.


If you’re kicking yourself for not pursuing zoology in college, there are a number of entry-level positions open on the resort’s job site. For example, the Animal Husbandry Associate will likely will get you in the door of the Flamingo Mansion or the Beach Attendant will put you as close to the ocean as possible.

What’s a little grunt work when you’re living in paradise?

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