Baileys Is Making Irish Cream-Flavored Chocolate Chips

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If you thought Baileys was just for making cocktails or as the occasional accompaniment to coffee, think again. The popular liqueur maker is launching Baileys Irish Cream-flavored baking chips to make your desserts, pancakes and other treats even better.

The baking chips are non-alcoholic but packed with the flavor of Irish dairy cream and chocolate, just like the Baileys you know and love. And thankfully, these will have a limited roll-out just in time for the 2018 holiday baking season! According to a press release from Baileys, you’ll be able to find these at a few select retailers. Customers can expect a national in-store launch by Easter 2019.

If you aren’t able to find these on store shelves, you can also purchase a bag (or four!) on Amazon. The baking chips are currently available on the online retailer for $8.49.


The launch is a collaboration with Clabber Girl, the makers of Clabber Girl Baking Powder. According to a response from the company on Amazon, Big Lots and Marc’s Stores will stock the new baking chips.

Wondering what recipes to use these chips in? You can view a digital cookbook full of recipes that shows you how to use these baking chips in some of your favorite recipes, including chocolate chip cookies, chocolate-dipped strawberries and more, courtesy of Baileys and Clabber Girl.

If you’re craving a Baileys-infused dessert right this second, there are plenty of recipes that you can make using the liqueur while you wait for the Baileys baking chips to ship to your home or until you’re able to hunt them down in a store. Baileys is a great addition in everything from fudge to boozy hot cocoa beverages and other sweets!

For example, this recipe for Baileys Irish Cream-infused cheesecake brownies from Laura’s Sweet Spot is the perfect thing to make when you’re looking to cuddle up and get cozy for a night in:

Laura's Sweet Spot

Or maybe you’re throwing a party and looking for the right dessert. This recipe for Bailey’s cookie cups from Liv For Cake is just the kind of thing your girlfriends will love. It’s filled with a Baileys-infused cheesecake filling, wrapped inside of a chocolate cookie:

Liv For Cake

Do you have any go-to dessert or cocktail recipes that call for Baileys?