Baileys Strawberry Cocktails Are Perfect Holiday Drinks

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Serving cocktails to a crowd can be easier said than done — especially if you find yourself in the role of host and bartender. But, with a drink recipe this simple, it’ll be way more manageable to make sure your guests’ glasses are always full.

This drink recipe for Baileys Strawberry Cocktails from The Cookin’ Chicks calls for just three ingredients — and that’s if you count the ice! Other than the ice, all you’ll need are strawberries and Baileys Irish Cream liqueur to create the perfect cocktail to prepare at holiday parties this year.

Considering this is basically a liquified chocolate-covered strawberry, there should be no complaints from guests. Because, seriously, who doesn’t enjoy a chocolate-covered strawberry?

chocolate strawberry photo
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To make sure the texture is just right, you’ll want to pulverize the strawberries in a blender before pouring them into the bottom of each glass. This is a similar effect to muddling fruit in a cocktail, but way easier to manage, given a strawberry’s firmness. Plus, it’s easier to do a bulk batch in the blender, anyways.

From there, all you have to do is pour Baileys on top of the strawberry mixture and add ice to each glass.

Then, prepare to make a toast. Cheers!

The Cookin' Chicks

The Cookin’ Chicks blog also has a version of this where raspberries replace the strawberries, and in that case are easier to muddle in the bottom of the glass. So, if you try this version, there’s no blender required, which will make for even easier cleanup.

Given that both options would be delicious, it’s more of a preference between raspberries and strawberries when deciding which to make. Can’t decide? Have both available for guests to choose from!

And if you want to skip out on the standard Baileys flavor, which can be a little chocolatey, and keep with the strawberry theme, you could also replace the original Baileys and add Baileys Strawberries & Cream liqueur to the cocktail, instead. Then, not only would the drink be a fun pink color, but it would also taste like pure, strawberry bliss. Yum!

Baileys US / Instagram

Now that you’ve got the cocktail portion of the evening all sorted out, you might want to turn your attention to what your guests will be eating for dessert. Because one way to really top off the night would be to include Baileys in the sweets, too.

Given that Baileys is launching baking chips just in time for the holidays, you’ll be able to serve up actual chocolate-covered strawberries and other sweets with Baileys Irish Cream incorporated. You could even use a Baileys chocolate-covered strawberry slice to put on the rim of each glass of the cocktail as a fancy, delicious garnish.


With drink and dessert options like this, you’re bound to have the best holiday party this year! So, let’s drink to that!