BAKblade: This Handy Razor Lets Men Shave Their Own Backs

I’ve always had a thing for Italian men.

They tend to tan easily, their mothers make a mean batch of meatballs and when my Italian boyfriend stubs his toe he actually exclaims “Mamma Mia!” without irony. They have their drawbacks though: the guilt-hangover from Catholic school, their mother who serves me her aforementioned meatballs with a side of disapproval, and of course: body hair.

A Hairy Situation

Hair seems to cover every inch of my boyfriend’s body and especially his back. At least once a month he approaches me, eyes twinkling, voice soft, telling me how much he likes what I’m wearing that day. I know the signs; it’s back-shaving day. Begrudgingly, I accept the challenge and emerge from the shower covered in shaving foam, back hair and a wish list of treats he owes me in return for my efforts.

Here’s a picture of his unshaven, hairy back:

Ruthie Darling for Simplemost

We had reached our hairy limit when I got an assignment to write about BAKblade, a razor specifically designed for men to shave their own backs. You may have seen this product in one of several videos that went viral recently (this is how relatable hairy backs are, people!). Thanks to these videos and successful 2016 Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, the entrepreneur behind the product, Matt Dryfhout, managed to surpass his goal of $50,000 to raise upwards of $1 million, proving the demand was clearly there.

Unlike a normal razor attached to the arm of your willing significant other, the BAKblade—now in version 2.0—has an ergonomic S-shaped handle to allow a fella to shave the specific contours of his back without needing to contort his body into any weird positions. (Although watching my boyfriend try to use clippers on himself and nearly fall over in the process did provide amusement, I was the only one laughing.)

The blades on the BAKblade are also specifically designed for back and body hair, which is typically less coarse than facial hair, thus allowing for a lighter shave and fewer scratches. When the BAKblade arrived, we were both excited to try it.


Putting It To The Test

After unwrapping the product, assembly took less than thirty seconds. My boyfriend didn’t even need to jump in the shower, he just whipped off his shirt and went at it (the product is designed to be used wet or dry). The first words out of his mouth were “game-changer.” With no electronic component to the product, all he needed to do was unfold the handle, slide in the blades and begin.

Ruthie Darling for Simplemost

After only a few swipes the results were clear. Though he could not see what he was doing, he could hear the sound of the blades shaving his hair—a satisfying noise similar to the sound of buttering toast. Since there was no noise from the smooth portions of his back, he could tell which areas he had already shaved and which needed a second swipe. Within five minutes his entire back was smooth. Once the shaving was done, we folded the BAKblade in half and used the suction mount to hang it in the shower, ready for the next time it was needed.

Ruthie Darling for Simplemost

Considering the starter package includes the shaver, wall mount and two replacement blades for $29.95, the BAKblade is not only an efficient product, but an incredibly cost effective one too. (The company recommends you switch out the blades every 5-7 shaves, and a six-pack of new blades costs $13.95. There’s also a Father’s Day promotion happening, so you can save 30 percent when you use the code BACKHAIR30 between now and June 18.)

Ruthie Darling for Simplemost

Though back hair is not something every man dislikes, for those who, do it can cause crippling embarrassment. My boyfriend would often refuse to wear a bathing suit on vacation because he was ashamed of how his hairy body looked. With a tool like BAKblade, in about five minutes he went from fuzzy and shamefaced to smooth and confident. Best of all, he can do it totally solo.

Watch it in action below:

See his “after” photo below. Not a hair in sight!

Ruthie Darling for Simplemost

The only loser here, really, is my now-neglected wish list of treats.

Give the gift of BAKblade for Father’s Day! Save 30 percent on all orders between now until June 18 with the code BACKHAIR30. Ladies, if you’re feeling left out, don’t miss the new SHESHAVER coming soon  from the makers of theBAKblade. The SHEshaver also uses the same DRYglide technology that BAKblade uses giving you the option to DRY shave or WET shave with or without shaving cream. The extended ergonomic handle means you won’t need to bend over to shave your legs anymore.