Baked Paprika Parmesan Chicken Is An Easy And Delicious Weeknight Staple

Feel like chicken tonight? There are so many delicious ways to prepare chicken that you can easily add a chicken dish (or more) to your weekly dinner rotation and never get bored.

Baked chicken is a super-simple and tasty way to cook this versatile protein. And this recipe for parmesan paprika baked chicken from The Dinner Mom has plenty of cheesy goodness and just a little bit of a kick.

There are different varieties of paprika, and the kind you use in this recipe is really up to you and your preference for spiciness. If you’re not sure which type of paprika appeals to you most, the blogger suggests you start with a sweet variety.

If you have special dietary needs, different types of flour, such as almond flour, can be used. You can use chicken breasts, tenders or nuggets, the latter of which is sure to be a hit with little ones. Serve it alongside baked potato wedges and fresh vegetables for a healthier alternative to that perennial kids’ favorite, chicken nuggets and fries. This just may get them to stop begging for a Happy Meal!

The Mom Blog

Baked chicken is one of those dishes that’s almost foolproof, so it’s ideal for novice cooks or those who don’t have the time or energy to put into executing a new recipe every night. In fact, it’s so simple that it’s great for having kids help out in the kitchen as well.

This version from Sugar Apron takes just 10 minutes of prep time and 40 minutes of bake time, making it perfect for a healthier and more affordable option on those long, hectic days when you’re tempted to grab take-out once again.

If you like your chicken extra-crispy, the blogger suggests finishing it up under the broiler for a satisfying crunch and a delightfully golden top.

Sugar Apron

Do you have a favorite baked chicken recipe?