Baking Charts That Will Make You An Expert In The Kitchen

Cookie baking chart
Handle The Heat

Take your baking skills to the next level with these helpful, easy-to-read charts. From frosting flavors to the perfect chocolate chip cookie, these handy graphics can serve as a reference for you in the kitchen.

The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you’ve ever baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies, only to have them turn out flat or crumbly, look no further. The folks over at Handle the Heat created this nifty chocolate chip cookie guide that explains why there’s such variation. Melted butter produces cookies with shiny, crackled tops and crisp edges while chilling the dough before baking will create a chewier, more cake-like cookie.

Handle the Heat

Guide To Baking Cinnamon Rolls

Here’s an easy way to impress your friends or your significant other at breakfast: homemade cinnamon rolls. And with this handy chart from RJ Zaworski, you’ll never go back to the pre-made rolls from a tube!

RJ Zaworski

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Egg Replacement Chart

There are a number of ingredients you can use to replace eggs in your recipes, including peanut butter, banana and applesauce. Going vegan, or simply cutting eggs out of your diet, doesn’t mean you have to stop baking, according to Swanson Health Products. (This also comes in handy if you plan to bake something but realize you are out of eggs!)

Swanson Vitamins

Cut A Recipe In Half

It sounds simple enough, but cutting a recipe in half sometimes proves difficult. If you get tripped up on the conversion between cups, tablespoons and teaspoons, this chart from He and She Eat Clean can help.

He and She Eat Clean

Science Of Baking

If you want to nerd out a little bit while baking, this chart from Shari’s Berries has some pretty great info on the magic — a.k.a. science — that happens when you pop a cake into the oven. This chart covers everything from flour to shortening to salt.

Frosting In Every Color

Not only is this rainbow chart easy on the eyes, it’s also super useful. Go beyond the standard red, blue, green and yellow food coloring in your pantry to create more nuanced shades, such as dusty rose, green apple and apricot. Use this McCormick guide to make unique frosting and cake colors and flavors.


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