This recipe combines banana bread and carrot cake into one wonderful treat

We love finding recipes that unite different flavors and textures into one cohesive dish. And if you’re a fan of both carrot cake and banana bread, then you’ll want to keep reading about the perfect dessert for you!

This carrot cake banana bread, developed by Chocolate Covered Katie for her healthy desserts blog, is vegan-friendly and oil-free (if preferred).

Don’t be spooked by the word “healthy,” though! Katie’s recipes may have health in mind, but there’s still a focus on fabulous flavor.

Chocolate Covered Katie

To create this recipe, Katie took a couple of banana bread recipes and added the sweetness of carrots to create a decadent dessert.

Most of the ingredients for the recipe are pantry staples such as flour (white, spelt or oat), baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon, salt, vanilla extract, carrot, overripe bananas and pure maple syrup.

Katie recommends adding some optional nuts or coconut to boost the flavor and texture of the bread.

Chocolate Covered Katie

Bringing the bread together takes only about 50 minutes with Katie’s easy step-by-step instructions. She even shares a baking trick to help achieve the bread’s irresistibly soft and moist texture.

Katie opts to top the bread with softened coconut butter, though you could also use a traditional cream cheese frosting if you don’t require a vegan frosting.

If you are interested in healthy dessert toppings, however, Katie has a wide array of options on her blog, from vegan marshmallow fluff to creamy coffee fudge frosting.

And while a warm slice of freshly baked carrot cake banana bread may sound like the perfect snack, Katie recommends letting it cool and waiting until the next day to get the best flavor and texture. Some treats are worth waiting to enjoy!

The recipe yields 12-14 slices, but we suspect you might want to make a few of these loaves to keep around.