Frosted Flakes rolling out Honey Nut and Banana Creme flavors

If you’ve always found standard, classic cereals to be a bit boring, you are certainly living in the right year. Not only can you find fun new Cheerios flavors, like peanut butter cup and maple, but Rice Krispies has also gotten in on the fun with a strawberry flavor. Frosted Flakes has also started rolling out some intriguing new flavors.

Starting in January, less than a year after a mashup of Lucky Charms and Frosted Flakes hit shelves, you’ll find two new flavors of Frosted Flakes, both completely different but sounding equally delicious.

Honey Nut Frosted Flakes are the first new variety, made with a blend of real honey, brown-butter notes and a nutty flavor. Combine that with the toasted taste of original Frosted Flakes and they sound pretty delicious. While this is the first time Frosted Flakes have seen a honey nut flavor, it isn’t totally new to Kellogg’s, as the cereal giant released Honey & Nut Corn Flakes in the 1980s.

Also coming early next year are Banana Creme Frosted Flakes, which will only be available for a limited time. The crunchy flakes will be coated with a sweet frosting flavored with ripe banana, cream and vanilla. Basically, it’s like banana cream pie in a bowl — and it’s totally OK to eat it for breakfast!


Of course, you can also stick to classic Frosted Flakes or try one of the other fun flavors like cinnamon, chocolate and chocolate with marshmallows. If none of those are enough for you, however, you’ll also be able to find a Sour Patch Kids-flavored cereal by Post on Walmart shelves starting Dec. 26 and at other major retailers around June 2019.

While I’m not exactly sold on Sour Patch Kids for breakfast, I can definitely handle some banana cream pie! Will be you be trying these two new Frosted Flakes flavors in the new year?