This ‘Banana Sushi’ Is The Perfect DIY Afternoon Snack For Kids

Good Karma Foods

When you think of afternoon snacks for kids, sushi probably does not come to mind. It’s way too adventurous for a lot of little ones’ palates, not to mention it would certainly break the bank when prepared as a daily treat!

But “banana sushi”? That’s a whole other story. This snack doesn’t involve any raw fish, so you don’t have to worry about encouraging picky eaters to try it, and it doesn’t require hiring a sushi chef to prepare it. In fact, it’s the perfect snack for kids to help out with the preparation.

Check out this recipe for banana sushi from the brand Good Karma Foods. Although no fish is involved, the end result looks like adorable pieces of a maki roll, and you can even opt to have your child try to eat it with chopsticks for the full sushi experience.

Good Karma Foods

To make this adorable and delicious snack, you’ll need:

  • 1 medium banana
  • 1-2 tablespoons Good Karma Dairy-Free Yogurt, preferred flavor (plain, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry or blueberry)
  • Dang Coconut Chips (These also come in multiple flavors: original, lightly salted, caramel sea salt and chocolate sea salt)

To assemble, first, peel the banana, then dip or spread it in the yogurt, so that it’s evenly coated on all sides. Then, sprinkle on the coconut chips, applying light pressure to ensure they stick. The coconut chips end up looking just like panko crumbs on real sushi!

Finally, transfer the snack to a baking sheet and freeze for at least one hour. Once it’s set, you can slice the banana into pieces, and it’s ready to serve.

Good Karma Foods

Good Karma Foods notes that this recipe is free of dairy, gluten, soy, eggs and nuts, so it’s ideal for those with a variety of food allergies or who are following certain diets, like vegan or gluten-free diets.

Will you give banana sushi a try?

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