This Barcode Alarm Clock Forces You To Get Out Of Bed And Go To The Bathroom

For all those who struggle with getting out of bed and hit the snooze button endless times, we may have found a solution.  A new app, called Barcode Alarm Clock, is an alarm clock that requires you to get out of bed, grab your tube of toothpaste, and scan the barcode on your phone.

The thinking is that once you are up and about, it’s much harder to go back to bed.

You don’t have to use your toothpaste, you can set it up to scan any item you’d like. So you could use a shampoo bottle or even orange juice from your refrigerator. To get the alarm to stop, you just have to make sure you scan the same item that you set up in the app.


The app is only available for iPhone, but Morning Routine is a similar for Android users.

If you struggle getting up in the morning, this may be worth a shot. You can download from here.