This barista’s latte art might just break the internet

If you’ve ever paused to snap a photo of your latte art before ever taking that first sip of coffee, then you’re certainly not alone. But if you really want to up your Instagram game, you’ll want to pay a visit to Seoul, South Korea. This is where barista Kangbin Lee creates latte art masterpieces.

I mean, he literally recreates masterpieces. I’m talking recreating the painting “Starry Night” and so much more. In latte form. And it’s all with a technique he’s dubbed “cremart.”

Where Does Latte Art Inspiration Come From?

After 10 years at the C.Through coffee shop in Seoul, Lee’s gotten pretty darn good at creating almost whatever he wants along the top of your coffee cup.

“I get inspiration for my art from various themes such as movies, politics, anniversaries, national holidays, and more,” Lee told A Plus.

One peek at his personal Instagram and you’ll be absolutely blown away. Because you’ve certainly never seen latte art quite like this before.

A Plus describes Lee’s “cremart” technique as using cold coffee, a layer of cream, and then drawing the image itself using ingredients such as chocolate, espresso and food coloring.

According to a post Lee wrote and posted on Bored Panda, he’s just hoping some people get enjoyment out of what he does.

“I wanted to find amazing and delicate new flavor of coffee so I developed Cremart. And now, many people likes [sic] my Cremart. I hope here I’ll find some more people who will enjoy it. Thank you.”

And I think people definitely do!

Through his work as a barista, he learned that a cup of coffee means so much more than just a cup of coffee. Instead, coffee becomes “a medium of communication that connects people,” he told A Plus. And he shows the world that “a cup of coffee can be memorable and a work of art.”

In fact, it might even be a reason to travel. Because I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to get my hands on a Lee-crafted beverage!