A New App Allows You To Borrow A Dog To Play With

Love pups but can’t have a dog where you live? Do you work long hours and need someone to take Muffy for a walk every afternoon? Do you love to travel but want to occasionally get your dog-fix?

Behold Bark’N’Borrow, an app that connects dog owners with dog lovers and dog sitters in their community.

Download the app for iOS devices.

How It Works

If you’re a dog owner, you create a profile for your pooch. Details include things like your dog’s name, age, breed, size and training level. Don’t forget to upload a cute picture too!

If you’re a dog borrower, you create a profile for yourself and include a picture plus some personal information. Borrrowers will also need to give a reason why they want to hang out with a dog, and the type of dog they’d like to hang out with. Maybe you like to run, or maybe you like to snuggle. This will help match u the right dog for you.

If you’re a dog sitter, there’s a space for you too. Expand your network and tap into a larger audience of dog owners by joining Bark’N’Borrow.


The basic version is free. If money is exchanged for dog-sitting services, there is a small fee.

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Photo by MSVG

Featured Photo – Dean The Basset.

For more amazing Photos of Dean, checkout his Instagram page.