Keep your pup cool this summer with baseball caps made just for dogs

Happy Hours Dog Hat Pet Baseball Cap

It might not be the dog days of summer, but any pet parent knows that taking care of your pooch is always a top priority. If your pup looks especially cute in the process, that is just a bonus. A brand called Happy Hours offers adorable yet functional hats designed to protect man’s best friend from the sun while helping dogs dress up as well.

The “TailUp” dog baseball cap/visor is available in sizes SM through XL and comes 10 colors and patterns.

Assorted Happy Hours Dog Hat baseball caps

The ridiculously adorable caps are specially designed for dogs, with cutouts for ears and a chin strap to secure them in place. The hat’s exterior is made with light, soft, breathable Oxford fabric, and they have a 100% cotton lining for added comfort. They have more than 1,400 ratings on Amazon with a nearly four-star average.

On Twitter, @dogs_puppys shared a photo of a super cute bespectacled pooch sporting the striped design.

“Gizmo wearing his new Tail Up hat,” they tweeted.

One proud dog mom was quite pleased with her dachshund’s flowered hat.

“So I got my dog a visor,” tweeted Makayla (@DaileyMakayla), “and itโ€™s turning into my best buy of the summer.”

This poofy pup seemed quite pleased with the flowery version of the cap.

“My heart is EXPLODING,” @brazzy_bailey shared on Twitter. “My parents just sent me these pictures, they got my dog a sun visor.”

And you can’t go wrong with basic black, as @LoveASHarie’s sweet little fur baby can attest.

“Iโ€™m dyinggggg,” she tweeted, “my neighbor bought my dog a sun visor.”

It’s important to note that you should definitely measure your dog and check the sizing guide if you consider buying one of these hats due to the various sizes and shapes of dogs’ heads. That said, the ear holes are generous and should fit many dogs fine. The strap is adjustable as well, allowing you to make sure the visor is secure and comfortable for your pet.

The Happy Hours Dog Hat is available on Amazon starting at $4.99.

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