Baskin-Robbins’ flavor of the month could replace your Thanksgiving side dishes

baskin robbins thanksgiving ice cream

Getting tired of the same old pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dessert?

This season, Baskin-Robbins is offering up not only a new flavor of ice cream that pretty much replaces all the Thanksgiving side dishes, but also an ice cream cake that looks just like the turkey you’ll have in the center of your table.

Available now, the new Turkey Day Fixin’s ice cream is Baskin-Robbins’ flavor of the month. The sweet treat combines the flavors of sweet potato and “autumn spice” ice cream mixed with honey cornbread pieces and swirls of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce.

If you want a show-stopping dessert, the chain’s Turkey Cake is back! It looks surprisingly similar to a turkey fresh from the oven. Filled with an ice cream flavor of your choosing, the cake is decorated with sugar cone legs and covered in caramel praline glaze.

You can order both desserts from your local Baskin-Robbins any time during the month of November, including right before Thanksgiving.

Baskin-Robbins Turkey Cake ice cream cake

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Don’t have a Baskin-Robbins near you, but still don’t want to settle for a traditional dessert?

Take a look at these Sweet Potato Marshmallow Bars, which take about an hour to make. You’ll need graham crackers, sugar, cinnamon and butter for the crust, plus sweet potatoes, sugar, eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and heavy cream for the filling. You’ll then top them with mini marshmallows.

You can also make this pumpkin-pecan slab pie, which feeds 16-24 people and has just 10 ingredients.

Pumpkin pecan slab pie

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For breakfast, how about these adorable Cinnamon roll turkeys? They take just 20 minutes of prep time and call for refrigerated cinnamon rolls, bacon, candy eyeballs, candy corn, mini candy-coated chocolate candies and mini pretzel sticks.

cinnamon roll decorated like a turkey

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What is your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?

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