Bath & Body Works Fall Candles Are Here, And There Are 30 Scents To Choose From

There are those who love everything about summer — and those who consider the colder months the only time to be outside. Sure, sunshine is good for us, and it’s nice to not have to put a coat on to go outside, but 90-degree weather, bugs and a threat of tornadoes? I’ll pass.

Instead, as my loving husband and all my friends who have to listen to me know, I spend summer complaining about being hot and counting down the days until I can put on leggings, drink pumpkin spice everything and watch “Hocus Pocus”.

It’s arguably also the season with the best smells — coming in only second to peppermint and pine in December, of course. From apple cider and doughnuts to “fall air” and pumpkin, even just walking outside in the fall fills me with happiness.


Apparently, Bath and Body Works agrees that even though the calendar may say July, there’s absolutely no harm in dreaming of fall. They’ve released some of their fall scents online and in stores, so you can now officially smell autumn while you’re daydreaming about it.

Bath & Body Works

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Not all scents are out just yet, but you can choose from 30 right now, and the retailer says we can expect more throughout the fall. For now, you can find three-wick candles, soaps and fragrance refills in scents like cinnamon pumpkin, leaves, pumpkin pecan waffles, caramel apple and (my personal fave!) sweater weather.

Bath and Body Works

In addition to even more pumpkin combinations (pumpkin is with just about everything here, as it should be), you’ll also find scents such as marshmallow fireside, mahogany apple and flannel.


Of course, if you really want to go all out, then you could also whip up a batch of Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread (and make your house smell ah-mazing) or go the healthy route with this recipe for Pumpkin Spice Roasted Chickpeas from My Whole Food Life, who writes that anyone who tries these “may not be able to stop eating them.”

Pumpkin spice roasted chickpeas
My Whole Food Life

But if you love summer, then don’t fret because Bath and Body Works assures customers it isn’t quite over.

Their waffle cone candle is something that can seriously get you in the mood for long summer nights and ice cream for dinner:

Plus, you can always pair one of their warm weather scents with some of their beach-inspired lotions and fragrance mists for the complete Bath and Body Works summer experience:

But if you’re as excited about fall as I am, the sweater weather candle is something to seriously celebrate.

To see all the fall scents you can get right now from Bath and Body Works, just visit their website.

Are you excited for fall or will you be missing summer once it’s over?