Bath & Body Works Has Two New Mermaid-inspired Skincare Collections

Bath & Body Works
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From ice cream to cocktails and even the beloved Frappuccino, unicorns have been enjoying a moment. But there’s another mythical being that should not be left out of the spotlight — especially as summer nears, since this one lives in the sea. We are talking, of course, about mermaids!

Just in time for summer, Bath & Body Works debuted two new mermaid-inspired skin care collections that even landlubbers will love. The first, appropriately named Sea-Tox, includes 10 products ranging from $4.50 for a fragrance mist with “soft sea breeze, salty ocean waves & crisp aquatic florals” to $16.50 each for a detoxifying clay body polish and texturizing hair foam.

Other items in the collection include body cream, hair mist, shimmer gel and a sheet mask.

Bath and Body Works

The second collection is called Water. All the products in this collection include hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the body. Hyaluronic acid can hold 1,000 times its weight in water, so it’s excellent for replenishing moisture for smooth, plumped and hydrated skin.

The Bath & Body Works Water collection includes eight items ranging from body washes, lotions and mists to a sheet mask and a bath soak.

Bath and Body Works

While you’re pampering yourself from head to toe (or should we say … tail?), you can bring even more of sea into your own personal spa with Bath & Body Works’ mermaid-inspired candle.

Mermaid Lagoon offers scents of shimmering ocean water, tiare flowers and, of course, sea mist.

Bath and Body Works

Ready to live the ocean life? You can check out both collections on Bath & Body Works website. For a limited time, some of the products are also buy three, get two free or buy two and get one free! Just be sure to look carefully when picking them out, as not all of the Sea-Tox items are included.

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