Bath & Body Works’ Spring Collection has arrived early

Bath & Body Works Spring Garden Collection

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If the cold winter weather has you daydreaming of spring, Bath & Body Works is here to help.

The retailer has already launched its spring collection, full of new scents in everything from candles to soap, perfume and wallflower fragrance refills, plus spring-inspired Wallflower nightlights and candle holders.

The new scents include Spring Clothesline, with lemon water, sun-dried blossoms and golden amber, and Backyard Honeysuckle, which Bath & Body Works says smells like “spending time in the garden in early summer.”

Prices range from $1.95 for hand sanitizer to $54.95 for Eau de Parfum. You can shop in-store or order online for shipping or in-store pick-up.

Because it’s still early in the year, there’s a chance there will be more items added to the spring collection as we move toward the end of winter, so keep checking back. Take a look at just some of the items you can find right now in Bath & Body Works’ Spring Collection.

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Calypso Clementine Gentle & Clean Foaming Hand Soap

Bath & Body Works Calypso Clementine collection

$7.95 at Bath & Body Works

A new fragrance for spring, Calypso Clementine comes in pretty much every product Bath & Body Works carries. Get a candle, fragrance mist or even whipped body butter.

The hand soap is priced at $7.95, which is one of the less expensive options. The scent has fragrance notes of clementine, neroli nectar and “coastal woods.”

Almond Croissant 3-Wick Candle

Bath & Body Works almond croissant candle

$26.95 at Bath & Body Works

A new scent this spring, Almond Croissant  has fragrance notes of toasted almonds, vanilla glaze and “flakey croissant.”

Made with natural essential oils and a lead-free wick, the three-wick candle is described by Bath & Body Works as “indulgent,” with a “nutty and buttery” aroma.

Sea Salt Coast Creamy Body Scrub

Sea Salt Coast Creamy Body Scrub from Bath & Body Works

$19.95 at Bath & Body Works

While it may seem more like a summer scent, the Sea Salt Coast Creamy Body Scrub is actually a great product to use in the spring. It’s designed to help get your skin smooth and swimsuit-ready.

The scrub is infused with shea butter and vitamin E and has fragrance notes of “salty air, water lotus and sandalwood shores.”

Meditating Frog 3-Wick Candle Holder

Bath & Body Works meditating frog 3-wick candle holder

$39.95 at Bath & Body Works

It doesn’t get more “spring” than this adorable Meditating Frog Three-Wick Candle Holder.

Priced at $39.95, the candle holder features a frog under a lily pad, meditating on a rock. It holds any three-wick candle, including one of the new spring scents like Greenhouse Fern or the limited-edition Anna’s Garden.

Potting Bench Structure Nightlight Wallflowers Scent Control Fragrance Plug

Bath & Body Works Spring Wallflower

$29.95 at Bath & Body Works

This adorable potting bench nightlight has everything you’d see in a garden bench — potted plants, work boots, a watering can and garden gloves.

The Wallflower offers 24/7 light and three adjustable intensity levels. Pair it with a spring scent like Fresh Cut Lilacs, Limoncello or Book Loft to set cozy vibes with scents of bergamot, neroli and “cozy woods.”

Cucumber Cedarwood Shave Gel

Cucumber Cedarwood Shave Gel from Bath & Body Works

$16.95 at Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works doesn’t offer many shave gels, so when you see one, you’ll want to grab it.

Priced at $16.95, the Cucumber Cedarwood Shave Gel is infused with aloe and made without sulfates, parabens or artificial dyes. The gel has fragrance notes of “fresh eucalyptus, warm cedarwood and dewy cucumber.”

Hummingbird Tea Cake 3-Wick Candle

Hummingbird Tea Cake 3-Wick Candle from Bath & Body Works


$26.95 at Bath & Body Works

With fragrance notes of pineapple cake batter, cinnamon spice and toasted pecans, this Hummingbird Tea Cake Three-Wick Candle sounds perfect for spring and summer.

Bath & Body Works says it smells like “a spiced, fruity cake that’ll make your heart flutter.”

You can shop the full Bath & Body Works Spring Collection now. If it’s too soon for you to focus on spring, check out the chain’s Valentine’s Day collection instead, which is also in stores and online now.

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