The Beach Vault Will Solve All Of Your Beach Storage Problems

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If you’ve ever been responsible for watching the keys and the phones while everyone else gets to actually enjoy the beach, then you know that having to worry about keeping the important items protected makes your beach trip less than desirable.

Enter the most genius product to ever be created for keeping your things safe from the sun, the sand and the water. The Beach Vault is this nifty little compartment that can be buried in the sand and then hidden under your beach towel to discretely store your belongings.

This gadget makes it easy to take a dip in the water without worrying about your things melting in the heat or getting snatched up by a sea gull. Hey, you never know what could happen at the beach, you know?

If you weren’t already convinced that this product is absolutely amazing, see it in action:

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Convinced that you need this, yet? I bet so. Not only will this make your beach trips so much better, it’s also only $39.99 with the beach towel and pillow included. Now you’re really sold, right? Click here to get shopping!