Bear breaks through screened porch to splash around in pool

Karen Bockrath

It’s not only humans who want to find ways to stay comfortable during the hotter months. In Naples, Florida, a massive bear decided that the only way to cool off was to frequent one resident’s screened-in backyard pool.

Karen Bockrath told The Miami Herald that the imposing creature — which appears to be a Florida black bear — regularly takes dips in her pool. Bockrath first realized something was going on when she spotted a huge hole in her pool screen. It didn’t take her long to identify the culprit. You can’t miss a bear lounging in your pool, right?

Bockrath has been taking photos of the bear, which she jokingly calls her “pet,” and sharing them on social media. One of them shows the bear sitting in the corner of the pool, seemingly looking right at the camera.

Bockrath told WFLA that she was “a little nervous at times” about her large water-loving visitor, but is thankful that the bear hasn’t caused any damage other than the screen.

“At least he’s kind enough to use the same door he made in my screen for each visit,” Bockrath joked in the Herald.

The bear doesn’t seem to have any other ulterior motive for stopping by Bockrath’s yard. She said it was “only scary when he came up to my sliders and was checking out my living room,” adding, “I really hope he doesn’t think my new couch looks comfy.”

After the story of Bockrath’s unexpected pool guest went viral, she wrote on Facebook, “My ‘pet’ bear is becoming very famous! Lol!”

It remains to be seen how long the bear will continue to enjoy Bockrath’s pool. But whatever happens, she’s not going to call the authorities.

“I’m really afraid they would euthanize him,” she told UPI. “The mom is still around. I live in an area that hasn’t been completely built up, lots of wooded area, lots of bears among other wild animals. My kids say I live in a zoo.”

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