You’ll Cry When You Watch The First Trailer For Steve Carell’s New Movie ‘Beautiful Boy’

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Ready for a tearjerker of a movie? Prepare to bring the tears when you watch Steve Carell’s “Beautiful Boy,” due out in the fall.

In fact, you might need tissues for the movie trailer alone.

“Beautiful Boy,” starring Carell and Timothée Chalamet, chronicles the journey of one father, David Sheff, as his son Nic falls into methamphetamine addiction.

The movie is based on the memoirs of the real-life Sheff men — a detail that definitely adds an extra dose of emotion to the film.

Also, if the memoirs are any indication, this movie is definitely going to be an Oscar winner.

Both books are bestsellers on Amazon, with “Beautiful Boy” and “Tweak” each rated 4.5 stars with hundreds of reviews.


“This was an amazing, touching book told from the other side of addiction – a side not heard very often – the side of a parent watching their child slowly spiral out of control due to addiction,” one reviewer wrote of “Beautiful Boy.” “As a recovering addict myself, (13 yrs., 11 mos., 11 days), as well as a parent, it was really hard for me to read at times but I’m SO glad I did.”

Watch Amazon Studios’ tearjerking trailer below:

The movie, which counts Brad Pitt among its producers, details the ups and downs as Nic falls into addiction and goes through relapse and recovery — a process repeated over a number of years.

The movie promises to be emotional, and considering both Carell and Chalamet’s past Oscar nominations (“Foxcatcher” in 2015 for Carell and “Call Me By Your Name” earlier this year for Chalamet) some are already considering the two actors “Oscar frontrunners” for the next Academy Awards.

chalamet photo
Getty Images | Kevork Djansezian

Chalamet, who became the youngest actor to ever be nominated for the Best Actor Oscar in 2018, told Newsweek that he was looking forward to the release of “Beautiful Boy.”

“I can’t wait for ‘Beautiful Boy.’ I’ve never given myself more to any project in my life,” Chalamet told Newsweek.

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Getty Images | Christopher Polk

He continued: “I lost 20 pounds to do it because I’m playing a methamphetamine addict. I got to work with Steve Carell for two or three months. Similar to ‘Call Me By Your Name,’ we really gave it everything, we laid it all on the line. It’s a really powerful and moving memoir.”

With an emotional true story as its backdrop and the acting prowess of Carell and Chalamet on-screen, it promises to be good. Catch “Beautiful Boy” in theatres on October 12.