20 Beautiful Pies That Are Legitimately Too Pretty To Eat

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Instagram is chock-full of inspiring images. Everything from mouthwatering food to dreamy destinations is right at our fingertips. The latest craze filling our feeds is extra sweet: pie art. Humble no more, these stunning pie designs are too pretty to eat. Well, almost.

We’ll let you decide with 20 of the most beautiful pies.

1. Cranberry Swirl

Geometric pie maker Lauren Ko bakes modern masterpieces in Seattle. Her detailed pie crusts are simply stunning. Surprisingly, Ko has no professional culinary background.


2. Polished Peach

Ko relies on patience and a sharp knife to create crusts like this peach pie. Her elaborate crusts can take up to five hours. That’s a lot of patience.


3. Cranberry Curd And Persimmon

Her social media captions are clever and filled with pie puns. She captioned this cranberry curd tart with “lost for curds.”


4. Chai Masala Pumpkin

“You’ve gourd to give it to chai.” This sunburst creation is not your average pumpkin pie.


5. Christmas Rhubarb

London-based Jo Harrington bakes pies and conquers intricate lattices—while sharing details of her baking journey with her followers.


6. White Nectarine And Black Current

Here’s another stunner from Harrington. This one is filled with nectarines and black currants.


7. Striped Berry

How cool is Harrington’s geometric take on this berry pie?


8. Autumn Cranberry

Karin Pfeiff Boschek describes herself as an artist, cook and blog founder. She shares photos of pies both before and after baking.


9. Geometric Triangle

She proves her beautiful crusts, like this triangle topped treat, can take the heat.


10. Free-Hand Plum

Boschek creates her intricate designs by hand. This square plum pie looks lovely.


11. Cherry Leaf

This leaf-adorned cherry pie baked to a perfect golden brown in the oven.


12. Peach Star

In fact, fans even share pies from their favorite bakers as well. Boschek’s star-studded pie helped solidify her star status.


13. Autumn Apple

The actress Rebecca Weil shares a variety of lifestyle snaps via Instagram. She usually focuses on photos of fitness and healthy food. However, she took a break for Thanksgiving with this over-the-top apple pie.


14. Blooming Berry

Ashlie Morgan is a plant-based chef. Also, she has a passion for healthy food and cooking to heal. Her recent triple berry pie stands out with its petal-patterned crust.


15. Butterscotch Pear

Melissa Visconti photographs and shares her homemade baked goods in Boston. Her artistic pies feature clean cutouts like this sweet pear.


16. Red Morello Cherry

Visconti calls the design on this festive red morello cherry pie her favorite.


17. Plaid Pattern

A neat lattice and snowflakes top off Visconti’s caramel apple pie.


18. Spiked Peach

Linda Lomelino is a photographer, blogger and cookbook author. One of her specialties is picture-perfect pie.


19. Strawberry Peach

Her newest cookbook invites readers to discover the glorious possibilities of the humble pie. Lomelino shared a photo of this beautiful brown butter crust from the book.


20. Pie Pops

For a “delicious mess” as Lomelino captions this one, these mini pie pops are pretty impressive.


These beautiful pies prove baking truly is an art.

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