This beautiful town in the Swiss Alps is offering $25,000 to anyone who will move there

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Where do you see yourself in 10 years? If your answer includes calling a picture-perfect mountain village in Europe home, you’re in luck. The Swiss town of Albinen wants to pay new residents around $25,000 each to move there and stay for at least 10 years. A group of locals filed the petition this past summer to entice newcomers, and it’s up for popular vote next week.


Why Is This Offer On The Table?

This outstanding offer was proposed because the tiny town’s population has been dropping. Many local properties are vacation homes, and remain empty much of the year. In fact, the village’s school was forced to close after three families left with their eight children. Now, only 240 people reside in Albinen full time.

The rural exodus is a serious problem for small towns in the mountains, but locals here are hopeful. The proposal is an investment in the town’s future. “In a best case scenario, even the village school will reopen,” officials shared in their newsletter.

Living The High Life

It’s hard to believe it’s come to this when the hamlet has so much to offer. For starters, the sunny, high-altitude locale boasts panoramic views of the Rhone Valley. See for yourself with these shots from Instagram, which feature gorgeous vistas you might expect to see in a travel magazine. Like this shot from a photographer who can’t help loving mornings in Albinen:

And here’s another one he took, when the leaves were still changing colors:

And here’s another gorgeous shot from a cyclist:

Aside from the views, there are ski resorts and serene spas nearby at which you can make the most of your ten years in this alpine paradise. Torrent-Bahnen opens for the winter season on Dec. 16, and offers snowboarding, skiing and more. In summer, mountain bikers, hikers and paragliders take over. And to recover from all of these outdoor activities, the spa town of Leukerbad is a short, 15-minute drive away.

And while there are few jobs in Albinen itself, the bigger cities of Visp and Sion—only 30 minutes away—are good options for employment. Alternatively, there are plenty of remote job opportunities working for companies like Gap or Philips, with flexible hours so you can work right from the comfort your new Swiss mountain home.

Watch Out For The Fine Print

Before you get too excited, you should know that there are some eligibility requirements in order to receive this moving bonus, assuming, of course, that the motion passes on Nov. 30. First of all, you must be younger than 45. In addition, the town officials are looking for commitment. Newcomers need to purchase or build a home valued at $202,000 or more. This home must be your permanent residence, not a vacation property. Considering that a family of four would receive around $70,000 ($25,000 per adult and $10,000 per child), that’s a pretty good deal.

Now we’ll all just have to wait until Nov. 30 to see if this dreamy destination could be a very real part of our 10-year plan.

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