Touching viral video shows nurse singing to cancer patient

Here is a powerful story that is sure to touch your heart. A video showing a cancer patient being serenaded by her sweet nurse shortly before she left this earth is going viral.

The patient, 63-year-old Margaret Smith, had been battling liver cancer for nearly a year. However, despite her strength and her faith, her body was failing quickly. She needed a transplant, but the doctors did not deem her to be in good enough condition to receive one.

Smith entered the Vanderbilt University Medical Center for medical treatment before being transferred to a nursing home. But while she was at the hospital, she made fast friends with VUMC nurse Olivia Neufelder.

The pair bonded over their shared love of music and their faith. Smith called the nurse her “little angel,” and Neufelder often sang with the elderly patient, who would sometimes even join in herself.

However, despite these moments of joy and shared tenderness, Neufelder and Smith both knew that she would soon be moving to a nursing home, as her health continued to rapidly decline and doctors could no longer fight the war against her cancer. All they could do now was keep her comfortable, and that’s exactly her “little angel’ did as she sang her this beautiful song, just days before Smith passed away.

The beautiful occasion is shared in the video below, and it has now been viewed more than 14 million times:

As you can see, nurse Neufelder is overwhelmed by emotion a couple of times, but she still urges Smith to smile and join in the song with her.

The song in question is “Dancing In The Sky” by Dani and Lizzy, and the lyrics are incredibly poignant:

“I hope you’re dancing in the sky
I hope you’re singing in the angel’s choir
I hope the angels know what they have
I’ll bet it’s so nice up in heaven since you arrived.”

Hear what the nurse had to say about this moment when she spoke with NewsChannel 5:

As heartbreaking as the video is to watch, it is also incredibly comforting and powerful to know that nurses such as Olivia Neufelder exist. Seeing her sing these sweet words to her patient as she holds her hand and strokes her hair is so meaningful. She truly is an angel.

Here’s to nurses everywhere, especially those who take care of our elderly loved ones as they face their final days.