Your dirty laundry could be attracting bedbugs


Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite. More like—pray there aren’t any bedbugs in the first place! The resurgence of bedbugs can make even the cleanliest person a little nervous, but research revealed in a recent study provides some new information about how to help keep the bedbugs away.

According to a study published in Scientific Reports, bedbugs are more likely to cling onto dirty laundry than clean clothing because of the human scent left behind on clothing that’s been worn.

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So, this means that there are now a couple of different precautions we can take to avoid getting an infestation.

1. Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

Instead of leaving your dirty laundry strewn all across your bedroom floor, make sure you’re keeping it in a hamper or contained area and  washing it as often as possible.

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2. Keep Dirty Laundry Sealed When Traveling

“Bed bugs are attracted to the odor of sleeping humans and we suggest that soiled clothing may present a similarly attractive cue, allowing bed bugs to ‘hitch-hike’ around the world after aggregating in the laundry bags of travelers,” according to the study.

So, be sure to store dirty laundry in a bag you can seal, such as a Ziploc bag, to avoid attracting any bed bugs into your suitcase—and then carrying them home with you.


3. Wash Sheets Frequently

If bedbugs are attracted to the scent of your dirty clothing, then we’re guessing the same thing applies to your sheets. A recent poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that more than 75 percent of people are more excited to go to bed when the sheets are freshly washed and have a fresh scent. Approximately three-quarters of people also said they get a more comfortable night’s sleep on clean sheets.

So, not only could keeping your sheets clean help you sleep better, but it could also help keep the bedbugs away. That’s a win-win situation right there.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends washing sheets and pillowcases once a week and having a quality set of spare sheets on hand to use while the others are being cleaned.


Want peace of mind before going to bed? Ridding your room of dirty laundry should do the trick. It’ll put you one step closer to preventing bedbugs from finding their way into your home, and that’s sure to bring a good night’s rest and a whole new meaning to “sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.”

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